Tuesday, September 21, 2010


HELLO 'jalaBlu' Yogis and Yoginas~

What an amazing summer! The fall has sprung with fruitful colors and a breath of fresh air is filling us up with new energy. This is one of my favorite times of year, a time to reflect and prepare for the stillness of winter. At times winter can seem long but it's a time to cultivate inspiration, dreams, inner transformation and a time to embrace the sacred place within. A perfect opportunity to invite the practice of YOGA within your heart and allow the magic to ignite at 'jalaBlu'!

I have been so blessed to have 'jalaBlu' come into my life and share the 'rockin' bliss with all of you! Thank you for being so supportive and making a dream come true. My energy keeps expanding with yoga and through this gift, I want to celebrate by adding more 'jalaBlu' classes for the winter. Classes are getting bigger and even though 'jala' has a small space there is room for more vibrational energy by adding a few more.

There will be a NEW Tuesday night class (5:30pm - 7:00pm) "Alignment and Flow" Level I-II. This class is full of fun (Inversions, back bends, balancing etc....) and expands your own practice through articulation of alignment within standing poses. On Thursday night from 6:00pm - 7:30pm Level II, "Practice with Jenna", this class will include me practicing with you while taking you through a more challenging asana and turning you upside down with handstands, headstands, forearm balances, back bends and any other playfulness that follows, it will be a 'rockin shakti asana practice'! Friday, I have added a "Easy Jala Stretch" class from 11:00am-12:00pm for those yogis who just want to 'take it easy'.....:) AND..........Saturday I have added another, "Jala Basics" class, 11:00am - 12:15pm (also one on Wednesday). This class is great for the beginner and is also designed for yogis who want to refresh their mind with the 'principals of alignment' (Anusara Influenced).

NEW SCHEDULE WILL BEGIN OCTOBER 12TH!!!! SEE ATTACHED FLYER. Please note that the new schedule does include a fall promotion of punch card prices (ends November 31st). I will honor these prices as of now and would love to entice you to the $70.00 unlimited one month of yoga!!!!!!!!!!!

To kick off fall/winter I'm offering the 2nd "Intro to Yoga" 5 week series since 'jalaBlu' has opened. The first one was amazing! Space will be limited so please pre-register and ignite the new upcoming year (2011) with the ever lasting brilliance of yoga. I have attached flyer with dates and cost.

Will be sending out another e-mail in the next two days about the Andrew Riven workshop, November 13th & 14th. Save the dates and get ready for another amazing workshop in the land of Buena Vista, CO!!!!!!!

If you have any questions or suggestions would love to hear them! Thanks for taking the time to read this e-mail and can't wait to practice with you on your mat!

Jenna and 'jalaBlu'

"jalaBlu is an oasis that welcomes open hearts, abundance in spirit, and fellow travellers. Come as you are~"

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Yoga is Vibrational!

So, I read this article in 'elephant journal' about the meaning of OM and why we chant such a sound at the beginning of class and at the end. It was a great article and it united me with the word 'vibrational'. If you want to read the article which I recommend, go to www.elephantjournal.com (search: Why Chant OM at the End of Class?). And so.......my mind started to think about YOGA (of course) and how yoga is so 'vibrational' on many levels. I'm sure I have said this before in a different way with a different word but it can never be said enough which is in fact so 'vibrational'.

The first time I heard a 'Gong' was in my 2
nd yoga Immersion in AZ at Yoga Oasis. It was a huge gong and while we lay in savasana the sound was so amazing! My mind and body went into another dimension as the the sound 'vibrated' through every cell of my body. When I entered the studio that morning I felt completely different than when I left. When I left, I walked out into the city and carried that 'vibrational' feeling with me. A full day of asana, a full day of inspirational questions, a full day of new friends, a full day of love for myself and a day ended with the 'vibrational' sound of the gong that took my soul into a new sacred place. When you think about the echoing sound of a gong and how far it really travels within space ....within each individual....within the outside world...etc...Imagine the ever lasting wave of connection within the universe. This is 'vibrational' and this is what yoga can ignite within your own life and the people around you!

Yoga has a 'vibrational' nectar that is contagious within the heart, mind, body, soul and spirit.
Think about when a random stranger just smiles at you or does an act of kindness. How does it make you feel? It's amazing and usually in return you gift someone else that beautiful smile and maybe an act of kindness. This in itself is a 'vibrational' outcome because it just keeps expanding from one person to the next and even that smile can be contagious within to expand out to others. Yoga is 'vibrational'~it can take you on a journey within your heart and open your mind to so many possibilities. The magic may start on your mat within a class but the way it makes you feel within is an on going path that will continue to expand and touch the people around you. You know the song, "Feel the Vibration"....sing it.......LIVE it and expand the sweet 'vibration' of YOGA!

Jenna and '

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Teaching Yoga is Nothing but Pure PASSION!

So, what do you think about 'passion'? I think it's one of the coolest emotions you can feel and it can mean so many different things. Passion can be deep, intense, powerful, joyful, even painful, it can free your soul and explode your heart with effortless bliss.

The other night I was eating this amazing dinner and I mean one of the best dinners I have ever had!!!!!!! A full trout that was stuffed with tomatoes, onions and lemons, sauteed organic field greens and red potatoes with roasted garlic drizzled with a beautiful and 'passionate' lemon cream sauce. The flavors combined were extraordinary. Everyone was laughing at how much I was savoring each bite and explaining how wonderful it was over and over and then my friend Claire said, "Hey, she is 'passionate' about her food".....Right there and then I knew my next blog (it's been a while........My apologies) was all about 'PASSION'! I love food~I believe it's one of the most passionate experiences in life ~ To travel to new cultures and smell new aromas, taste different flavors and to just explore other worlds through food is a true passion within my soul! To dive into a dark piece of chocolate and let it melt in your mouth or bite into vegetable or fruit that you have cultivated in your own garden is the shri (beauty) of 'passion'.

The photograph capturing rain drops at the end of delicate limbs is done by a talented photographer, Roger Pfingston (my father). He is probably one of the most 'passionate' people I know in this life. His photos can show us a vision that only he can see. When I was younger he would stop and get out of the car to take pictures of mud puddles, oil spills from a car and turn it into the most beautiful photograph. His dedication and love for photography is a full expression of his 'passion' for life and how he sees it.

Today I was sitting by the beautiful 'jala' garden writing and a white butterfly danced around my head and then started to dance slowly through the crab apple tree. I watched it for a while as it appreciated each encounter (flower, tree, branch, etc...) and how it seem so bliss within the moment. This delicate and graceful insect lives such a short time yet it can express the meaning of 'passion' within every moment~

Each and every one of us has passion and at times we need to awaken this 'passion'. We have 'passion' for love, work, hobbies, family, animals, food, what we fight for, etc.....I could go on and on. When we tap into this emotion we can discover so much within and in return gift others with that expression. Life is short (as it is for the butterfly) so if your 'passion' is taking a rest then start to notice everything around you, open your heart.........breath in the beauty and it's simplicity, move forward with your dreams or desires and ignite the 'passion' within!

"When what you do is in alignment with who you are, passion becomes your energy" ♥

Love and Shri~

Jenna and 'jala'

"I dare you to be more passionate!"