Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cultivation = Magic

So, this blog is completely dedicated to the powerful word 'cultivate'. Matter of fact, my thoughts within and realizations about my own life journey is obsessed with this word lately and how it relates so well to EVERYTHING! I love it when you can take one word that has been in your life for quite some time and unravel it's true beauty and essence in a deeper way.

This all started a week, the fascination with the word 'cultivate'. We have been getting so much rain lately that every morning I look out the 'jalaBlu' studio window to find the gardens exploding with color, greenness, veggies, herbs and an abundance of beauty. This is where the word cultivate entered my soul of deep thought. With hard work and determination a few friends helped me build the 2 ft. tall rock garden. It was filled with cultivated organic dirt and then the planting started to happen early June. There were some seeds and then some starter plants that were given to me by Weathervane Farms here in Buena Vista. Everything was so small or non existent in my vision. Anyway, what I'm getting at is with the process of cultivation which includes effort, patience and love the vision of this garden became reality. 'jala' now has beautiful veggies, herbs and amazing flowers.

Even from the time we are born we are cultivating. It is a life cycle and throughout each of our journeys we cultivate our dreams, our passions, our relationships, our love for ourselves, our talents, our awareness, our health and YES, even our beautiful gardens.

Think about when you truly want something....I mean you can feel it in your gut in an intense way and it brings excitement within your emotions and connects you to something deeper. You may not be ready for it quite YET...maybe it's a relationship, a job, a yearning to find your true path with a career, to travel abroad etc....whatever it may be we can start the process by inviting the power of vision, manifestation, believing, setting it in motion with small actions~This is yet another way to look at the magical word, 'cultivate'. Eventually as we turn the soil or plant the seeds for the the ultimate goal or intention then cultivation will with no doubt, produce a beautiful flower~

Having awareness within our own cultivation process is part of the beauty. To watch something or someone grow over time is an art in true essence. To be part of a dream in the beginning and to watch it ignite into something powerful is a joyful life experience. We are forever working on our own growth, our loving relationships, our dreams and visions. We are forever cultivating!

Think about everything in your life so far and find the beauty in growth~find the magic and celebrate 'cultivate'!

Love and Shri~
'jala' and Jenna