Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Stay Steady & True within YOUR Vision

Hello Twisty World!

So, today I had a very small 'jala' class (small in numbers) but a very big and brave intention for many. My sequence was dedicated to the 'twisting world' with the intention of embracing Eka Pada Koundinyasana. This Sanskrit name (yoga pose) may mean nothing to some of you but it's an arm balance that requires focus, a soft extended heart and staying steady within your desire to want it. Of course, building up your strength and knowledge of alignment is also a key factor. For me the arm balancing world has never been an easy one and in the beginning I did not want a relationship with it...:) However, like any relationship it takes time to grow, to learn about each other, to open your heart and to step into the courage of making it a stronger relationship.

So, let's get back to the intention within the 'twisty' world. I looked up the definition immediately of 'twist'. I was having a morning of 'yoga intention block' (like writers block) and low and behold the simple yet complex definition expanded into something much bigger when it comes to life. OK...so here is definition below.

TWIST: An act of turning something so that it moves in relation to something that remains stationary.

In the physical aspect of yoga this holds very true. For example, when you come into downward dog and take your left hand to the outside of your left shin (downward dog twist) the vision is to stay steady within your hips, legs and right arm by drawing them into the 'mid line'. Meaning your hips are still square, your legs are parallel and your right hand and arm are rooted strongly into the earth . As you stay steady or stationary in the hips, legs and right arm then you start to engage the core (abs) and twist slowly from the left to the right within your obliques.

OK, so now think about something within YOUR life ......a vision, a belief, a relationship or holding true to who you are? When I started my vision with jalaBlu 3 years ago (only 2 years opened), I was very nieve and humble about owning a yoga studio or any kind of business. Within the first few months my vision was challenged and it continues to be challenged off and on. It takes a lot of work, fortitude, patience, love and open mindedness to keep a business going. There are days when I just want to run away and give up or even hide in my 'jala' cave, BUT, my vision that I hold so dear to my heart keeps taking me higher. My teacher Darren Rhodes said to be once and this has to do with making yoga affordable, "Jenna, your vision is sacred, never let go of that!"....those may have not been his exact words because he has his own Darren language but that was the gist of it. For me those words, sent chills down my spine and reminded me to 'HOLD ON'......to step into my VISION and no matter what words are spoken to me to shake me up, to question my path, to create twisty times or huge speed bumps that I WILL hold steady (stationary) to what I hold true within my dharma...within my path of jalaBlu.

Your vision WILL grow, it will take new form, it will twist in different ways unimaginable but............ there is always that one truth that is YOUR foundation. Don't let go of it ~ BELIEVE in YOURSELF and step into your journey with an open heart and a lot of LOVE!!!!!!

"Anahata Breathes Freedom" 2012

Jenna & jalaBlu